The SHEBA® Brand Launches New Docuseries Showcasing the Extraordinary Bond Between Cats and Their Owners

FRANKLIN, Tenn., Nov. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Today, the SHEBA® brand is launching a documentary series[1] called The Cats That Rule The World by Academy Award-nominated director Geoffrey O’Connor. The new series follows the true stories of a handful of humans who have fallen under the spell of their cats, and the inseparable relationship they have with one another. From inside the walls of a correctional facility, to the home of a veteran in need of a companion, to the mountain climbing adventure of a lifetime, fans will be amazed by the profound and redemptive bonds between cats and their humans.

“The SHEBA brand understands the value of a cat’s bond with their human companion. We wanted to create interesting content that highlights the real power cats have over people,” said Craig Neely, Vice President of Marketing at Mars Petcare. “Leveraging Geoffrey’s creative ability to explore various subcultures around the globe, and with the guidance of the Humane Society, this series allows us to tell a larger story behind the phrase ‘cats that rule the world’.”

The three-part docuseries was developed to further spotlight the extraordinary bond between cats and their owners. The Cats That Rule The World debuts for free on YouTube on November, 19.

Prison Cat

The first episode[2] in The Cats That Rule The World documentary series from the SHEBA brand explores the world of feline rehabilitation inside a jail and the moving story of Galileo and Bigler, participants in a prison cat training program. Working with the local humane society, Larch Corrections Center in Washington places feral and stray cats into rehabilitation with inmates in a special unit at the prison to monitor their health and play and cuddle with them so that they can be adopted into forever homes.

Soon inmates are cuddling, feeding and cooing over their feline masters. The inmates working on the project say they often feel a kinship with the strays and that having cats to look after gives them an opportunity to connect on an emotional level. The connection with the animals in the program means that some inmates feel they can break a cycle of returning to prison and have adjusted their mindset to be in a healthier place.

Military Cat

Episode two[3] tells the story of Jordan and Izzy, an Iraq war veteran and cattle rancher and the cat that helped him readjust to civilian life. Jordan spent a lot of his tour in Iraq “beyond the wire,” and this episode explores how the comfort of Izzy, his “sergeant major,” helped him come home from the war to his wife Amanda, a professional barrel racer, and his two children.

Adventure Cat

The third episode[4] follows adventure cat Denali and his attempt to be the first cat to climb the “Edge of Time” peak in Estes National Park with the help of his “cat momma” Sandra.

While it has been a long-standing joke that cats rule the world, the documentary series explores and reveals cats’ real and surprising superpower – the ability to reduce stress and provide unconditional love and emotional comfort.

Fans can visit the SHEBA Brand YouTube channel[5] to watch The Cats That Rule The World three-part docuseries and share their thoughts on social media using #CatsThatRuleTheWorld.

About SHEBA® – Brand

The SHEBA® Brand knows that cat owners love cats for their independent spirits, personalities, and discerning palates. That’s why the SHEBA brand puts cats at the heart of everything it does, creating premium recipes with irresistible real meat, no artificial preservatives or flavors, and designed to entice cats’ unique tastes and desires. The SHEBA Brand appreciates the relationship between cats and their owners and uses that understanding to celebrate and fuel their unique bond. Look for SHEBA premium cat food and cat treats at retailers nationwide. For more information, visit[6].

About Mars Petcare
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