Press Release – Leashrly Life Dog Walking


Integrated marketing firm consultant, professional life coach and dog obedience trainer combine to make up a three-career vision

[Norfolk, Ma] Fourteen-year resident of Norfolk, MA, Angela Wilcox, launches three businesses as part of a new portfolio of careers. Marketing consultant, professional life coach and dog trainer, all combine to provide a range of services to the community. Ms. Wilcox states, “Portfolio careers represent a trend in today’s society whereby individuals are looking at unique ways to make a living. Gone are the days of the nine-to-five working environment. People want variety, independence, freedom and the ability to be creative in how they impact the world.”
The path began in 2005, when consultant Angela Wilcox applied her 20+ years of marketing experience and opened her own marketing business in Norfolk, MA named AMW Marketing. The company specializes in designing corporate identity systems and delivers a full range of communications materials including brochures, advertisements, direct mail, web sites and cutting-edge marketing strategies for long-standing businesses and start-up companies alike. With such clients as Harvard Medical School, Fenway Community Health, and Marriott International Hotels, AMW Marketing has been bringing a broad range of expertise to both the for-profit and not-for-profit world for many years.

Today, Angela uses her marketing expertise to promote her two other careers – a professional life coach, specializing in life transitions, and a part-time dog obedience trainer, pet walker and pet sitter.

Her life coaching business, Enrich Your Life Coaching, uses a creative process to empower people to make positive changes in their lives, whether it’s a change in career, health, relationships, or some area of life that needs attention. Life coaching assists individuals lead more meaningful and purposeful lives. Angela’s inspiration comes from seeing people thrive in their own lives. By using an informal yet direct style of coaching, Angela helps individuals overcome obstacles, guides them to take action and catapults people to reach new heights in the enrichment of their own lives. Mark S. Braunsdorf, Ph.D., Psychologist reports, “As a coach, Angela has remarkable instincts and skills. I have had the opportunity to be coached by her, as well as observe her as she coached others. I am consistently impressed with her keen perspective, authentic warmth and uncanny ability to zero-in on key developmental issues.” “Furthermore, her personal strength and uncompromised character enable her to handle life’s most challenging circumstances making her an excellent candidate to be successful in three careers,” continues Dr. Braunsdorf.

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