Expect the Best for your Pet: Professional Dog Training Services in Kelowna and Surrounding Areas

K9 Kruzers is eager to make Kelowna and area residents aware of their dog training services, and accordingly they are actively promoting their services online and elsewhere.

    KELOWNA, BC, March 10, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ — K9Kruzers are pleased to now be offering professional dog training services to dog owners in the Kelowna, BC area. From dog walking and training to puppy preschool, specialized agility training, and more – K9Kruzers is a top choice for owners who want the best for their dogs. Specific services include a puppy training preschool, an adventure academy that includes pack hikes and mountain excursions, agility training, and private one-on-one sessions with your dog. Puppy training can be held either at your own home or at Erin’s family orchard, where there are 10 acres of natural training obstacles as well as an onsite agility course to stimulate the puppy’s mind.

Erin Ivans is K9Kruzers’ owner and primary trainer. Having a natural loves for animals is a great starting point, but she also has a background in canine and equine sports therapy plus ongoing work as a companion laser technician for a local veterinarian. She’s a very well-rounded dog trainer, and clients will appreciate her skill and professionalism blended with her naturally easy going nature and encouraging approach. Her energy and enthusiasm for her work with K9 Kruzers is quite something to see.

Much like their human counterparts, dogs mature at different rates based on their individuality. It is always best to set the stage for healthy development – which includes good behaviour and obedience – at a young age. Ms. Ivans and K9Kruzers have the expertise and dedication to each pet to see to it your dog is addressed individually and truly benefits. Be proactive in your dog’s well being, and ensure that he or she becomes the well-behaved family member you’re envisioning them to be.

As a dog owner, we imagine you want the best for your pet. K9 Kruzers is one of the best dog training services in Canada, pairing a skilled and caring owner / operator with additional pet training services and expertise that go beyond those offered by most trainers.

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