Dog Training Video Contest Spotlights Best of Man’s Best Friend

    EL CERRITO, CA, October 24, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ — You tell him to sit and he dashes after a squirrel. You change directions, but she strains her neck and pulls you her way. Even a simple “shake” can look more like rattle and roll when dog training goes to the dogs! But for all the laughable moments and howls of frustration, dog training is an investment in a life-long relationship. The hours of work put into the training make for a more content and obedient canine companion, and a happy owner. It is serious work, but who says work can’t be fun? That’s why the blog “Dog Obedience Training 1” is holding a contest to get the details click on the funniest dog training videos and tales of training time[1].

Dog Obedience Training[2] is a blog written out of love for animals, by people with a desire to share their knowledge and build better relationships between humans and their pets. Recent blog topics include Training Styles, Training Assertive Dogs and Training the Trainer. For those who have started sniffing their way down this path, humorous stories from training sessions won’t be too hard to scratch up.

“We know pet lovers really get joy from watching others interact with their pets,” says dog obedience trainer Kathy Wilson. “We’ve turned that premise into a shared video channel so we can enjoy other people’s styles and techniques, while also laughing about the things that inherently go awry when animals are involved.”

Recent demographic studies on pet ownership show 71 million American households include pets, and dogs consistently are the most popular animal. More than half of dog-friendly households have two or more. Training a dog early on to listen to voice commands from everyone in the family lessens the odds of bad consequences.

In the spirit of encouraging responsible dog ownership and a sense of camaraderie among pet lovers, we want to see and hear your stories! Send us a video of your funniest dog-training moment, or write the story and send it in with a picture of your dog. Three prizes will be awarded. First prize is $25, second prize is $20 and all winners will have their story posted on our site, have the opportunity to link to our site and receive a free report on dog training[3].

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