Do You Want The Perfect Dog? The

    MT. CLEMENS, MI, July 11, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ — Do You Want The Perfect Dog?

The “Magic Wand” of Dog Training Has Just Arrived!

Stop bad canine behavior in two steps with “The Pet Convincer!”

An innovative new dog training tool has just hit the market. “The Pet Convincer” is based on the Pavlov animal behavioral concept that incorporates a unique mixture of an acoustic effect and convincing air.

Canine Innovations, Inc.’s American engineers and former Russian secret service canine trainer Vladae Roytapel have teamed up to created a safe, humane, and effective tool aimed at instant results. At a time when countless dogs are being surrendered to animal shelters due to financial problems and/or behavior problems, this tool could be a priceless way to save a dog currently considered “unfixable.”

“Your unruly pet’s party is over. This tool is unlike anything you have ever tried. One convincing air blast blows bad behavior to the past,” said Vladae Roytapel, also known as the “Russian Dog Wizard.” His success as an animal trainer has been featured on ABC, NBC, CNN, & FOX Networks across the country and was even featured on “The Late Show with David Letterman.”

With “The Pet Convincer,” you can instantly curb the following:

• Excessive barking,

• Jumping,

• Stealing,

• Digging,

• Disobedience,

• And even aggression!

Also, it not only works for dogs, but for cats and even birds!

“The Pet Convincer” was intensively tested and received the seal of approval from leading trainers, veterinarians, and pet care professionals for its safety and effectiveness. Pet owners can enjoy the magic wand of dog training to tame their unruly pets. You can learn more about this product and watch a video about it by visiting[1]. With “The Pet Convincer,” you can have a perfect dog instantly.

“The Pet Convincer” is currently for sale at[2]. Canine Innovations is also seeking distributors for this product.

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